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Is there anything better than sauce covered ribs being served up hot off the BBQ grill? Well, perhaps a juicy sizzling steak! Now is the perfect time to prepare for the coming BBQ season and the delicious food that comes with it.

Hi! Since you're on this website, you're probably looking to find out which is the best BBQ grill, and you’ve come to the right place to find out. Deciding which if perfect for you isn’t easy as there are several different main types of BBQ grills which cater to different needs and budgets. My name is James and I created this site in order to remove the confusion and hopefully make choosing the right grill a much easier process.

I will first give you a quick overview of the different types of BBQ grills and you can can click through each one to find out more about that type. I'll also reveal the top 10 models for each one.

"This grill ain’t big enough for both of us."
-James Rose

Gas Grills

Maybe you have some family and friends over for a party and need to get cooking as soon as possible. The beauty of gas grills is that getting them ready for cooking is as simple as can be. A charcoal grill will take a while to fire up the coals, but a gas grill ignites and gets to cooking temperature in no time at all. You can control the temperature needed for whatever you want to cook at just the turn of a dial. These grills are also made for easy cleaning with grease traps and deflectors that can be removed and emptied. Read more...

Charcoal Grill

The charcoal grill is synonymous with the image of backyard grilling and barbecue. Those who learn the craft of charcoal grilling come away with a deeper appreciation for cooking as a whole. They are great for learning how to sear, smoke, and slow cook foods so well that you'll be asked to cook for every outdoor party and event possible. Charcoal grills can be adjusted to create a surface area that includes direct and indirect heat in order to be able to cook a variety of items simultaneously, reducing overall cooking time. Read more...


One of the miracles of great barbecue comes from the flavor of smokiness. A dense and rich flavor that takes food to the next level. Incorporating the essence of flavorful woodchips, smoke, and smoldering heat, the craft of smoking requires time and patience. A good smoker is an excellent way to get those amazingly juicy and tender ribs and steaks. Smokers are designed to maintain constant low temperatures over the course of hours resulting in beautifully cooked meats and other terrific foods. Read more...

Ceramic Grills

If you are looking for a grill that can do just about anything, look no further than ceramic grills. Modeled after the earthenware ovens popular in eastern world cuisine, these grills are made to hold in high heat temperatures within the ceramic, egg shaped domes. These grills are fantastic for grilling, smoking, and even cooking pizzas as if they were inside a brick fire oven. And not only does the ceramic coating make it an attractive looking grill, it also provides great rust-resistant protection from outdoor elements. These grills are pretty wonderful in a number of ways. Read more...

Electric Grills

Perhaps you would love to get a grill, but you don't have a large space. Perhaps you live in an apartment with a patio and limited space. A great solution may be to get an electric grill. They are relatively small and you don't have to worry about cleaning up ash from charcoal or replacing a propane tank. Electric grills can be plugged in like any household appliance and you're ready to start grilling. (Warning: We recommend you speak with your apartment complex management for their policies on patio grilling.) Read more...

Portable Grills

There are many solutions for grilling at home, but what about for when we are on the go? When you plan to hike, go camping, or just get away on a nice road trip, a portable grill might be the best tool you could possibly bring along. Designed to be easy for carrying and travel, these grills can help to turn a day outdoors into a memorable adventure. Read more... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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