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James getting ready to BBQ“James, go light the grill”.

How it all began

Ah, those magical 5 words of summer. Lighting the grill was the job my Dad trustily bestowed upon me on those magnificent days when dinner would depart from the ordinary. It didn’t matter either, whether it was steak, chicken, ribs, or good ole hotdogs and hamburgers. Grill night was grill night and I couldn’t wait!

Like most humans everywhere, I love food cooked outdoors over an open flame. But lighting the grill during my childhood summers only served to ignite (sorry…) my love of BBQ and all things grilled.

Had to Put it on Hold for Awhile

As an adult, I joined the military and while my love for grilling and BBQing never waned, I didn’t have the opportunity while living in the barracks to persue this passion as much as I would have liked. During Company picnics, or while over at a friends house, I would gladly take over grill duties, but it was never quite enough. I was really reaching a point where I wanted to be cooking as much and as often as I could. The time would come however…

Time to cook

Once I left the Army and got a house of my own, it was time…ah yes, it was time. My first purchase was a Brinkmann Smoke ‘n Pit. This was the original one with the super heavy, thick walls, not the newer one with the super thin walls. I’m not sure why they modified their design to the lighter one, cost perhaps, but it was no where near as good or as effective as the original. Could not hold temp, wasn’t as air tight as the original, and not very sturdy at all. Either way, Brinkmann is no longer selling products. But I digress…

My original Brinkmann Smoke ‘n Pit was what I learned how to cook on, really cook. I cooked several times a week, giving leftover and extra food to lucky and happy neighbors, because we just couldn’t eat everything I cooked ourselves. I was cooking ribs, pork butt, brisket, spatchcocked chicken, you name it. I got really good and many years later, I’m still cooking several times a week. My main source is lump charcoal on a charcoal grill, but I also love the convenience of gas grills, and even use a portable grill for camping or tailgating.

So, why BBQ Grill Reviews?

Having grown up by my Dad’s side while he grilled, then studying, learning and practicing the craft as an adult, I believe I have become somewhat of an authority when it comes to grills.

Why barbeque grills, you may ask? This might come as a bit of surprise to you but my friends ask me the same question over and over again: “What type of barbecue grill should I invest in?”

It’s a question I always have trouble answering. Partly because people have different needs and the other part is because there are so many grills and types of grills in the market to choose from.

That’s exactly the reason I was encouraged and motivated to put up this site. Now, when I’m asked that question, I can tell my friends and neighbors what I think they should look for and to head here to see my in-depth review on the specific BBQ Grill models.

Also, this website is also my way of helping out grilling enthusiasts everywhere on how to choose the best barbequer and how they can be the go to pitmaster in their neighborhood!

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